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At NOVOMATIC, you won’t find yourself sitting around twiddling your thumbs or fetching coffee for others. From the very outset, you’ll be working as part of a real-life team taking part in real-life projects. So don’t plan on being bombarded with meaningless tasks or having your work filed away, never to be seen again.

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Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C Game Developer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C Game Developer
C probably needs no introduction. In our opinion it’s an extremely efficient language, one which gives the programmer a great amount of control over the software.

At NOVOMATIC, we use it to create games (quite successfully, we might add).
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C# Developer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C# Developer
The popularity of C# never seems to wane.

Today, C# is considered a cross-platform language used successfully in many areas. While formerly associated with Windows, nowadays it also works on Linux and MacOS.

C# allows you not only to build mobile, desktop, and web applications, but also to create games designed for PC, consoles, mobile devices, websites, or VR platforms.

Check out how we C# at NOVOMATIC!
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C++ Developer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C++ Developer
C++ is one of the most popular compiled languages around. Low-level and object-oriented, it offers a wide range of programming possibilities.

Among others things, we use C++ at NOVOMATIC to develop a distributed bonus system based on low-cost devices that use ARM processors, which we embed into gaming platforms. We also use it to develop a framework that’s used to create games.
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - QA
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - QA
Well-designed testing is the cornerstone of professional software quality assurance.

Successful QA engineers are extremely inquisitive, meticulous, detail-oriented. and have a real knack for detecting product weaknesses. These are exactly the qualities we’re looking for in a candidate!
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - Java Developer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - Java Developer
Java, one of the most popular languages, is geared toward the open source movement and sharing code. Thanks to the impressive collection of libraries and ready-made solutions available, it is one of the less complicated languages to work with.

Java-written programs work on both PC and mobile applications for Android smartphones, while the code works on Linux and Windows.

At NOVOMATIC we use Java 8+.

And so much more!
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - 3D Designer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - 3D Designer
As a 3D Designer you’ll be modeling, sculpting, texturing and animating digital characters, props, machines and environments.

Your role will have you working closely with concept artists to transform 2D graphic projects into 3D. You’ll also be taking part in designing and creating games and animations.
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - Frontend Developer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - Frontend Developer
Frontend Development is one of the fastest growing career paths in programming. The sheer multitude of frameworks can make your head spin, so better to embark on this journey with experienced mentors at your side.

With us, you’ll have the opportunity to gain extensive software development knowledge and practical experience with:

JavaScript, HTML5, React, Flux/Redux, CSS3/SASS/LESS, and more.

The recruitment process

It’s simple!


Stand out from the crowd – show us your CV and share your projects on GitHub. Your projects can make all the difference to your application and could be your ticket to the next stage of the recruitment process.

HR Phone Screen

Let our HR team get to know you better with a pleasant phone conversation :).

Technical Screen

Join us for an online or in-person interview and show us what you can do.


We’ll discuss the details of your job offer and also agree on the start date of your internship. In the first weeks of work, we offer introductory training in which you’ll have a chance to gain relevant domain knowledge and further develop your programming skills.

Our ideal candidate:

Works well in a team environment

Is eager to develop new skills

Is able to communicate in English

Plans to spend at least 3 months with us

Is available at min. 3/5 time

What can you expect?

Introductory training

Mentoring from a Senior Developer

Interesting projects, implemented in a friendly, cooperative atmosphere

Working on real projects, not project ‘duds’ destined for the filing cabinet

Real impact on the project

Flexible working hours

Job contract possibilities

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