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At NOVOMATIC, you won’t find yourself sitting around twiddling your thumbs or fetching coffee for others. From the very outset, you’ll be working as part of a real-life team taking part in real-life projects. So don’t plan on being bombarded with meaningless tasks or having your work filed away, never to be seen again.

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Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C++ Game Developer
Staż Intensywnie Informatyczny - C++ Game Developer
If you’re thinking about kick-starting your career as a programmer, C++ is one of the best choices out there.

No matter what you want to program, games, desktop apps, mobile apps or web apps, C++ will allow you to create almost anything you can dream of!

This year, we’re inviting eager programmers to take part in our Game Developer IT Internship. You’ll learn programming with C++ and have the exciting opportunity to work closely with the entire team involved in the development of our games.

The recruitment process

It’s simple!


Stand out from the crowd – show us your CV and share your projects on GitHub. Your projects can make all the difference to your application and could be your ticket to the next stage of the recruitment process.

HR Phone Screen

Let our HR team get to know you better with a pleasant phone conversation :).

Technical Screen

Join us for an online or in-person interview and show us what you can do.


We’ll discuss the details of your job offer and also agree on the start date of your internship. In the first weeks of work, we offer introductory training in which you’ll have a chance to gain relevant domain knowledge and further develop your programming skills.

Our ideal candidate:

Works well in a team environment

Is eager to develop new skills

Is able to communicate in English

Plans to spend at least 3 months with us

Is available at min. 3/5 time

What can you expect?

Introductory training

Mentoring from a Senior Developer

Interesting projects, implemented in a friendly, cooperative atmosphere

Working on real projects, not project ‘duds’ destined for the filing cabinet

Real impact on the project

Flexible working hours

Job contract possibilities

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